Knight Amaze

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Knight Amaze brings you to the online world to combat monsters and bosses. Battles will be extremely dangerous with the more and more difficult levels. In particular, you face more challenges when the game happens in a maze. Let's learn about this fighting game together with the information below!

Knight Amaze - The Best Game For You

Welcome to Knight Amaze in which you can transform into a knight and fight monsters in mazes! You can gain victory if you eliminate all monsters. You are the descendant of the great warriors who always fight for the peace of the community. The monsters in the labyrinths are slowly waking up. You need to enter these scary mazes to fight like a real knight. This action game will bring danger to your character. Therefore, try to help him like the way you help Santa Claus in Xmas Jump.

This Knight Amaze game will provide you with many challenges to test your skills. In addition, it's best to show your intelligence while solving mazes.

How To Complete This Puzzle Game

In order to gain victory, you need to grasp the way to complete each level and kill monsters.

All 30 Levels In Knight Amaze

There are a total of 30 levels for you to conquer. At each level, you will face a different number of monsters. It's similar to Knock Rush. Let's eliminate them to finish a level. In particular, levels become more special when you have new challenges like collecting weapons or fighting big bosses. Additional tasks will help you enjoy levels of Knight Amaze more excitingly.

Note that maps are increasingly complex based on the level of difficulty.

Principles To Kill Monsters

In order to destroy monsters, you have to move to them and fight. You only move on a straight road. Therefore, it requires you to think and find a way to move effectively. Your enemies stand in many places. In addition, there are some big bosses of monsters. In these levels, you have to collect weapons before fighting. If you can master and follow all basic rules, it will be sure that you can finish your opponents and move to the next challenges.

Controls: Swipe your mouse to direct your Knight Amaze character.