Rowdy Wrestling

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I wish I could have known about Rowdy Wrestling sooner because this online game is really fun. Rowdy Wrestling will bring you intense wrestling matches between 2 players. Destroy your enemies in battles to win. The special of this action game is also reflected in each character's skills. The powerful movements of the characters are meticulously designed to give players the best experience.

Some Comments About Rowdy Wrestling

This game belongs to the Dudeball-like action genre. You can compete with other players. Therefore, it is more enjoyable than games in other genres. In particular, the characters in this wrestling game are like drunks. It is hard to keep balance while fighting. You have to be very skillful to control your character. It is the challenge in the control of this fighting game that makes many players spend a lot of time immersed in the wrestling world. You get not only entertainment from the game but also an improvement in your own skills.

In addition, this action Rowdy Wrestling game offers you classic pixel graphics. This is an impression for many players.

Gameplay - Indispensable Part To Play

Main Rules For You

Let's control your character to compete with an opponent. You will participate in Rowdy Wrestling battles. Who runs out of the health bar first will lose. Therefore, you need to attack your enemies as fast as possible to eliminate them first while moving to avoid their damage. It's similar to how you move in Unicycle Hero to avoid getting hurt. Remember to combine the skills of your character to knock out your rivals in the most impressive way.

Control Rowdy Wrestling

  • Use ARROW KEYS to move.
  • Press the Z key to attack.

You can use these buttons and master them for the first playing time. Have a nice time at the game!