Crossy Road

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See you in Crossy Road now and in the future!

Why? Because this arcade game is really amazing and fascinating. It will make you play it for hours despite the simple gameplay and 2D graphics. Why is this game so weird? Let's learn more about this game together!

Basic Information

Crossy Road is an arcade game where you control your pet to overcome different challenging tracks. It was released on November 20, 2014, by Hipster Whale and Yodo1. After its release, this running game has attracted millions of players around the world. There are reviews that this Crossy Road game is one of the best entertainment games of their lives. The gaming world always needs unique games like this. Those were the initial successes of this arcade game. Then, we can also see its development. The proof is its popularity in 2023.

How To Conquer Crossy Road

Gameplay Of Crossy Road

In this video game, your main character is a cute pet such as a chicken or dog. Your pet will go through forests and roads. The path in the forests is very complicated while the roads are full of traffic. The road you have to face is extremely challenging. You need to conquer these challenges to beat Crossy Road with your admirable high scores. In addition, our website also recommends Getting Over It to play with an adorable dog.

2 The Most Useful Tips For You

There are 2 notes for you to get the highest points in the Crossy Road game.

  • Let's move along the paths in the forest. Besides, remember to collect gold to win higher scores. Although these roads are complicated, they are free of obstacles.
  • Look carefully before going through traffic-filled roads. Only move when you make sure no car can hit you. If you are crashed, Crossy Road will be over.

Note that you don't have much time to move because the playing screen will also move forward gradually. If you move slowly, your poor chicken will be left behind and the game will be over.