Paper.io 2 World Conflict

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Online world war comes back in Paper.io 2 World Conflict!

You did not hear wrong. World wars will return in 2023. However, it is certainly not an actual war. Instead, you'll join the digital wars as you immerse yourself in the world of Paper.io 2 World Conflict. This action game has attracted millions of players around the world. Is it really that appealing? Let's find out together!

Video Games With National Symbols

Besides entering your name in the beginning box, you can also choose your country. However, the special thing does not stop there. Many other online games like Agar.io also allow you to choose the region or country. However, in the battle, it is hard to show this.

Paper.io 2 World Conflict solved this problem!

You will start with a small territory. In the middle of the original small territory, there is the capital of your country. This multiplayer game suddenly becomes a lot dearer when you can see your familiar things. It's proud when you can show your national capital. It will become even more special if you can win with the national symbol. So, are you ready to become a sign of the country and fight? Whether Washington of the United States, Hanoi of Vietnam, Berlin of Germany, or any other capital can appear in this exciting game.

Gameplay In Paper.io 2 World Conflict

This online game is published and developed by Voodoo who also created Hole.io. Therefore, this io game also has similar features to Hole.io.

You can also experience multiplayer battles. However, the rules of Paper.io 2 World Conflict don't just bring victory to bigger players. Instead, small players can also destroy other players.

Control your character to circle the land and take it back to your country. You can steal the lands of your opponents. During this process, you will create a tail before completing the circle. If other players crash into your tail, you will be destroyed. In addition, you can also kill other players in Paper.io 2 World Conflict in the same way. There is a leaderboard for talented players.