Xmas Jump

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About Xmas Jump

Christmas is coming! Let's play Xmas Jump to enjoy Christmas with your Santa Claus! Help Santa Claus find gifts through adventures by jumping over moving platforms. Your Santa Claus will bring these gifts to kids around the world, but he can not take them. Let's support him!

This online single-player game is exciting for you to play alone. Although you can not fight other players like in the Shell Shockers game, it's still thrilling to experience.

Principles Of This Online Game

Play With The Endless Gameplay

This Xmas Jump game is endless, so you can play until you are bored or cannot overcome the challenges of the game. This feature will help you conquer many achievements. You can enhance after each match. Try to jump as far as possible to get the highest score. How many points can you get?

Jump Over Infinite Platforms

You have to face many platforms with different lengths. You need to jump when a platform is coming and land on this platform. Continue with the next ones. If platforms push your Santa Claus out, the Xmas Jump game will end.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to make Santa Claus jump.