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What Is Dudeball

Dudeball is an arcade game in which your mission is to hit your character to the target and complete a level. There are obstacles you need to avoid. When coming to this online game, you can immerse yourself in a pixel world. It's a hot trend for classic games such as Unicycle Hero. Although these graphics are popular for a long time. However, now, it comes back for all players. Fortunately, all players are impressed by this feature.


Game Requirements

The key task is to reach the target destination. In order to get this goal, you need to control a giant snowman to hit the dude's ball. You can control the force, direction, and time to hit. Let's aim and guess the best direction to move. After that, decide on elements before hitting.

Dudeball's Controls

  • Click the left mouse button to hit.
  • Click the right mouse button to use a parachute.
  • Use the Arrow keys to change the hitting directions.

Effects Of The Parachute

This video game has a feature that the Shell Shockers game doesn't have. You can fly over the target place. In this situation, you can use the parachute to land immediately. It's a great way when you use extremely strong force to hit.