Drive Mad

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About Drive Mad

Drive Mad is a driving game to reach the finish line and complete a level. Have you ever played this online game? Let's play it and you will be excited! The special thing about this driving game is the difference in the map. Like its name, the tracks will be baffling with challenges and obstacles. Are you ready to go frantic with the game?

Drive Mad Category

It's easy to realize that this driving game belongs to the single-player genre. Instead of fighting or competing with other players, you will be against the thrilling challenges of the roads. This was also mentioned in the introduction above. However, because it is the impression of this arcade game, emphasizing this feature a second time is not superfluous.


Playing the Drive Mad game is simpler than Shell Shockers because there are 2 main directions: driving forward and driving backward.

  • Use the right or down arrow key to move forward.
  • Use the left or up arrow key to move backward.

Driving skill is the key to gaining victory in this Drive Mad game. You can only win when you master all the buttons and use them expertly in rounds. Remember this note before proceeding to official matches.

Basic Game Rules

In this driving game, your mission is to control your car to reach the destination and finish a level. There are many levels with various territories. You have to face many challenges, especially the steep roads. Your vehicle can be overturned. If this happens, you have to restart this level. Don't let your car hurt in any way.

The track is not long, but difficult to complete because keeping the balance of your car is challenging. Let's play and conquer the Drive Mad game now!