Monkey Mart

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Running a mart becomes true in Monkey Mart. In particular, you can transform into an adorable monkey to manage your mart. It will be an exciting experience.

Welcome you to this online game on our Shell Shockers website! It is a new hot trend and many players are finding for it. Do you know why this video game can attract thousands of players daily? Let's follow the information below and experience the Monkey Mart game directly!

Items You Can Buy In Monkey Mart

The First Agricultural Products

This arcade game provides you with an opportunity to plant and meet your need to produce and farm. There are many types of trees for you. For example, in the beginning, you can plant bananas first. In order to open the banana farm, you need to use 5 dollars. After that, you can collect, transform bananas into the sale shelf, and sell them to customers. You will gain an amount of money for your work.

In addition to corn, you also grow other plants such as corn or coffee.

Other Related Goods

Playing Monkey Mart is more interesting when you can produce more goods such as eggs and milk. You can feed chickens and cows to take these products. Then, eggs and milk can be used to make cakes. In particular, let chickens eat corn to grow. So exciting!

It is the same as other products.

Changes In Characters

Upgrade Your Monkey

Your main character is a monkey. You can use your earned money to upgrade your character to increase productivity. The higher levels your monkey is, the faster it can do.

Manage Monkey Mart's Employees

When you expand your mart with various products and shelves, you will need to hire staff to support your job. However, your laborer can be lazy. Make them work immediately!

Note that there are guests who can throw your goods. Chase them away!