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Like Shell Shockers, Territorial.io is a multiplayer fighting game in which you have to compete with bots and other players to conquer as many territories as possible.

How To Conquer Territory In Territorial.io

Modes In Territorial.io

There are 2 modes: Multiplayer and single-player. Each mode will have unique rules to win in territory-conquering battles. In the Multiplayer mode, you will compete with both bots and other players. The number of players is more than the number of bots. It is in contrast to the Singleplayer mode. In this mode, you can practice and improve your skills with bots.

Note that you can choose one of the various maps before playing. You can quit the game anytime you want. However, you shouldn't do it. Let's participate in the whole match and enjoy the thrill of this multiplayer game.

Conquering Rules - An Important Step To Win

In the beginning, you need to choose your base on the map. It's the best choice if you choose the area with the fewest players. After that, start expanding your territory in free lands. There are territories with no name. They are bots of Territorial.io. You should conquer these areas after the free lands run out. The enemies' lands are the final target. If you follow these steps, it will be easy to conquer the whole map.

In addition, you can use emotions or perform actions to cooperate with other players or use boats to fight. Click and choose the corresponding emojis to act.

How To Control

Use your MOUSE to play this multiplayer Territorial.io game.

Other Notes When Playing This Action Game

The first thing to note for you is to press to attack. Clicking to collect land at the start of the game is natural. However, you may encounter various problems that will stop your conquering process. If you want to continue, you need to keep pressing the Attack key a second time.

So, are you curious why your attack stopped? This answer should be your second note when playing the Territorial.io game. There is a rectangular frame at the top of the play screen. It shows the number of your army and some other factors. If this stat is too low, you cannot attack other territories.