Cut The Rope

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Cut The Rope will test your intelligence using unique puzzles through levels. Are you ready to cut the rope and collect stars to help Om Nom receive candy?

The Game Category

This game is a single-player puzzle game. It's the same genre as Fruita Crush. You can play it online on our website for free. In addition, when playing, you can enjoy colorful graphics and exciting gameplay. It helps the game become a part of the arcade genre. Although this Cut The Rope game can not bring you fast-paced gameplay or intense shooting battles, it's still thrilling through levels.

Ways To Cut The Rope

How To Play

Om Nom is the main character in this puzzle. Om Nom is waiting for eating candy. You need to complete this mission to finish a level. In order to do that, let's cut the rope up hanging candy. However, high levels are complicated to end because there are many ropes or obstacles. Choosing the true rope to cut or avoiding barriers is the key for you to deliver candy for Om Nom and finish these levels.

Note that you should collect all 3 stars to get higher points.

Controls Of Cut The Rope

Slide your finger or your mouse to cut the rope.