Knock Rush

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About Knock Rush

Welcome to Knock Rush to join in shooting battles and eliminate all your enemies before reaching the finish line to complete a level and unlock new skins! Unlike Super Tornado.io, this online game is a single-player game. However, it's no less intense than any other game.


Gameplay of Knock Rush

You will experience this shooting game from the first-person perspective. Controlling the direction and firing direction of the gun is your task. You can see that these features are similar to Shell Shockers. However, let's move to the next part to learn about the special of this action game!

On your way, there are many opponents. They will come close and attack you. Therefore, destroy them before they can hurt you. Use your weapons to shoot them down from a distance. In some cases, multiple opponents appear at the same time. In this situation, you have to aim from afar. Besides, if there are explosive barrels, aim for those barrels to kill all your enemies in one shot. Remember to move towards the destination to complete a level.

Required Skills To Beat This Shooting Game

The first skill is aiming. The better you aim, the higher your chances of winning. In case you aim incorrectly, the enemies will have a chance to get close and attack you. That's what we need to avoid. In addition, staying calm is the next skill you need to possess. Staying calm in all situations is the deciding factor to win matches.