Happy Wheels

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Now, it's time for Happy Wheels!

Are you ready for the strange races in Happy Wheels? This running game is unlike any other game in the gaming world. For example, during journeys in Flappy Bird, you can't experience the use of different vehicles. Instead, you can only control your character. Happy Wheels won't be like that. This video game also gives you different vehicles in new ways.

About Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is an exciting single-player video game for enthusiasts of platform-running games. It is published in 2010 by Fancy Force. It uses Box2D technology to be suitable for many different platforms such as Android and IOS. In particular, the online version on web browsers is the most popular. You can see it on our website where Happy Wheels often takes the top spot in popularity.

Besides, like Geometry Dash, this indie game will bring you an exciting world to conquer obstacles. You should try it once a time in your life. It will not let you down. Have a nice time!

Significant Notes When Playing

In this racing game, you will control your character to overcome obstacles using ARROW KEYS. However, it is not easy because your character is like a ragdoll. This character is not easy to balance while using vehicles. He even has different vehicles in each mode. Although controls are simple, this variety makes it difficult to get used to the controls.

In addition, you should also pay attention to the obstacles. Because balance is difficult, your character easily collides with obstacles. These obstacles can cut off your arms or legs. It can also cause you to lose blood. When you are injured too much and can't move, this physics-based game is over.

Note that there are several characters, vehicles, and modes in the Happy Wheels game!