Geometry Dash

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Welcome to the world of Geometry Dash where you can enjoy amazing journeys with your character.

Geometry Dash Series

Geometry Dash is one of the famous running game series in the gaming world. When it comes to this genre, gamers often refer to outstanding versions such as:

  • Geometry Dash Lite
  • Geometry Dash Meltdown
  • Geometry Dash Bloodbath

These are the popular versions of this series. You can try them to have different experiences of running games.

However, this original version is the most remarkable version because all the original works are represented. It was published in August 2013 by RobTop Games. After that, this running game quickly became popular across platforms. It surprises the Shell Shockers game in terms of its competition in the gaming market. At that time, Shell Shockers was one of the most loved video games.

No, it's time to learn about the features of this game.

Why Geometry Dash is Addictive

Attractive Gameplay

Control your character to move forward and avoid deadly obstacles such as spikes, wheels, and walls. If you have a collision, the game is over. Try to run to the finish line to complete a level. After each level, you can see the summary table to follow your best score.


Besides, your character can change shape and moving way after going through portals. That makes it possible to experience a variety of challenges.

Various Levels

The race in this Geometry Dash game is held on 3 different levels.

  • Stereo Madness
  • Back On Track
  • Polarist

Each of these levels has different modes. In particular, in the following 2 modes, you have items like jumping pads or jumping rings to help your character jump in the air. Although Geometry Dash doesn't have as many levels as Friday Night Funkin’, it gives players fun in a special way.