Flappy Bird

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If you've been playing Among Us for too long, enjoy the new experience in Flappy Bird. The single-player game will give you exciting journeys with your lovely bird.

Flappy Bird was first released as a mobile version by Dong Nguyen, a Vietnamese programmer. Then, thanks to the brilliant success of this running game, many different versions are designed for different platforms. The highlight is the online version of Flappy Bird. You can play this online version on our Shell Shockers website. It's free and unblocked.

Flappy Bird's Goals

In this arcade game, your goal is to get the highest score possible. Try to run as far as possible because the further you run, the better points you get. This is the goal of all players. However, it is challenging to get good results in Flappy Bird. Do you know why? Let's find out in the next part!

Challenges You Must Face

The main challenge is the piles. They appear throughout your journey. In the middle of a pile, there is an empty space. You can only move through this gap. However, the gaps are of different sizes making this running game more difficult.

In addition, the bird's moves are more difficult than the character in Stumble Guys. This bird can only fly up or down. Although the mechanism is simple, it is difficult to control because the bird will increase or decrease the altitude quickly with just one click.

How To Beat All Challenges In Flappy Bird

This arcade game has many challenges and difficulties to overcome. Let's prepare carefully before starting the official matches. Below, there are 2 ways for you to play better in the Flappy Bird game.

The first way is to control the bird carefully. You have to maneuver it gently to reach the safe space between the piles. Repeated practice is also a good way to get better results.