Stumble Guys

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Welcome to an exciting online game called Stumble Guys!

Coming to this entertaining game, you can challenge yourself and compete with other players. When reading this introduction, you might think this indie game is similar to ZombsRoyale.io. However, the answer is no. These two online games are entirely different. The only same thing between these two video games is the multiplayer gameplay. What about the difference? Let's learn about the characteristics of Stumble Guys to see how special it is!

Release Information

Stumble Guys was released on February 12, 2021, by Kitka Games. Kitka Games offers game fans a unique online game that uses Unity technology to create battles between players around the world. In particular, this platform game is also released on many different platforms such as iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows. These platforms are all easy to access. This was a smart move by Kitka Games because it helped Stumble Guys quickly become popular in the gaming world.


With over 72,000+ reviews on Steam and over 4,000,000+ votes on Google Play, this video game has a 9/10 rating. Now, you can access it directly on our Shell Shockers website for a great online experience. The online version will help you enjoy more realistic experience than the android version with simple but impressive graphics.

Instruction Manual For Stumble Guys

Rules For Multiplayer Battles

Stumble Guys is a multiplayer game. However, the number of players in each match is limited. There are 32 players in a match. After the first round, there will be only 16 participants left. After that, the only survivor will be quickly found through the selection of each round. This player is the winner.

So, how to find a winner in Stumble Guys?

Each round is a challenge. It can be running and overcoming obstacles. It may also be the longest-lasting on collapsing platforms. The number of challenges is extremely diverse. You need to try to pass and survive until reaching the next round.

Although this platform game also belongs to the survival genre, you also have to compete a lot. You not only need to protect your life but also fight with other players for a chance to survive. For example, there are players who will intentionally push you off platforms. In these cases, your task is not only to survive but also to destroy that player. Good luck!

Note that you can respawn in laps to the finish line. However, if you cannot reach the destination within the time limit, you will be disqualified.

Controls Of Your Character in Stumble Guys

Use ARROW KEYS to control your character. You may have trouble while navigating because these guys stumble like drunks. Moving them is not simple.

Tips To Control And Be The Last Survival

  • While controlling the stumbling character, you need to control it boldly. Move forward continuously to reduce the character's tilt. If you are walking while stopping, your character will be hard to keep his balance.
  • In addition, remember to always look ahead to observe the challenges you face next and come up with timely solutions and strategies.
  • Moreover, you should avoid unnecessary competition with other players. It will cost you time and benefit other competitors.