Among Us

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Among Us is the ideal game for gamers who want to enjoy new experiences!

The gaming world is always changing and thousands of new games are released every day. The diversity of online games is inevitable. In the process of change, we need to mention Among Us, one of the most successful multiplayer games at the time. This io game is no longer in the Shell Shockers multiplayer style where you fight lots of other players. Instead, Among Us restricts players to 4-15 players. The players still have to fulfill their goals. However, on that side, they can work together to win.

Among Us is that magical? Let's start learning about this online game to answer this question!

Game Release

June 15, 2018 is an important milestone in the multiplayer game world when Among Us is officially released. InnerSloth LLC brings this multiplayer online game to players with engaging gameplay and eye-catching graphics. Among Us characters are both lovable and formidable. As a result, its review score reaches 9/10 across platforms.

In particular, access our website now to enjoy an online version. In addition, this volume is unblocked. It is similar to Temple Run 2. So great!

Characters In Among Us


Impostors are the villains in this action game. The impostor's job is to kill the crewmates and avoid discovering their identities. They have to hide their identities and pretend to be crewmates.

Impostors will lose if they get caught. On the contrary, they win when they can kill the crewmates without being detected.


Crewmates are honest citizens in Among Us. While on a mission, crewmates need to find real impostors to defeat the villains. It is impossible to win if you capture innocent people. It's like a challenge to test your guessing ability.

During the gameplay, cooperation is the key to defeat Among Us!