Dinosaur Game

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Welcome to the Dinosaur Game where you can go on amazing adventures with the T-rex dinosaur through a desert full of dangerous cacti.

About Dinosaur Game

Dinosaur Game is a game released by Google in September 2014. It is intended to entertain users when the internet is not available. After that, this running game quickly became popular and received attention from millions of players on our website. Now, Dinosaur Game is popular across web browsers. The popularity of this Dino game is comparable to the popularity of Shell Shockers. As such, you can imagine its popularity more clearly.

How To Play This T-rex game

Playing Rules

At the beginning of this running game, there is the appearance of a dinosaur. Press any key to start T-rex running. It will run automatically and your task is to control it to help the dinosaur overcome the obstacles. Use the UP ARROW key or the W key. It is much simpler than the Surviv.io game.

Obstacles In Dinosaur Game

The obstacle in this browser is cacti. The cactus will appear randomly. Sometimes it appears alone. Sometimes the cacti appear in clusters. You need to react quickly in these situations.

Besides, you also need to pay attention to another creature - Bird. They don't appear often. However, when the bird appears, make sure you can safely jump over it.

Final Goal

Because Dinosaur Game is an endless running game, you can run until you die. This only happens when you collide with a cactus or bird. Avoid collision and run as far as possible. However, it can be challenging because the game is as fast-paced as Friday Night Funkin’. Have a nice time with Dinosaur Game!