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Kill or be killed in Surviv.io? It all depends on your fighting ability.

Surviv.io is a multiplayer survival battle game where you collect weapons and gadgets to destroy other players and protect yourself. During that battle, you can explore a large map with many different terrains.

Can you accomplish these goals? Let's start this action game and show your abilities!

Answering Questions About Surviv.io Growth

When was this online game released? By whom?

Surviv.io was released on October 11, 2017, by Kongregate Inc

Where can I play Surviv.io?

You can play Surviv.io on many different platforms such as Android, iOS, macOS, Microsoft Windows, especially Web browser. Playing online will give you the best experience. Our website is a significant example. You can play this video game online on our website for free. Access is extremely simple. You just need to access and click on the icon of Surviv.io to get started.

What is its genre?

Surviv.io is a multiplayer video game that uses Unity technology to transport players to a battle-royale world. Besides, this video game also belongs to the competitive action genre because of the indispensable gameplay of any io game.

Is there any Upgrade for Surviv.io?

Surviv.io's first upgrade was to popularize this game on android and iOS in 2018. After that, this io game was also upgraded to become faster and more accessible. These upgrades will make the multiplayer game even better.

Way To Survive In This Battle Royale Game

Mastering the Basic Rules of the Game

Starting this survival game, you will appear anywhere on the map. Your task is to move around to find weapons and items. These items are housed in brown wooden crates. Loot them to collect items. Weapons will help you fight while items help you improve skills and strength.

In addition, remember to move into the safe zone. Every 1 minute 30 seconds, the toxic gas zone will expand. It would be best if you moved into the safe zone to protect your life. While moving, keep an eye on other players. They can attack you. Kill your opponent and continue your journey.


Try to survive as long as possible.

Use Surviv.io Joysticks Masterfully

  • Move = WASD
  • Aim = Mouse
  • Melee/shoot = Left-click
  • Change weapons =1 through 4 or scroll wheel
  • Stow weapons(Melee mode) = 3 or E
  • Swap to previous weapon = Q
  • Switch gun slots = T or drag gun to another slot
  • Reload = CHEAP
  • Scope zoom = Left-Click on zoom
  • Pickup/loot/revive = F
  • Use medical item = Left-click on an item or 7 through 0
  • Drop item = Right-click on the item
  • Cancel action = X
  • View map = M or WOOD
  • Toggle minimap = DRAW

It's challenging to master all control buttons. However, the more challenges you face, the more exciting experiences you enjoy. Therefore, you should try this Surviv.io game before giving up it. This survival game will not let you down.

Other Tips For You

While playing, remember to follow the minimap to know your position. In particular, you can monitor your movement direction to avoid toxic gas.

Besides, try to collect weapons as quickly as possible to give yourself an advantage. You can enable full-screen mode for a better Surviv.io experience.