Friday Night Funkin’

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The unique combination of melody and challenge makes Friday Night Funkin'!

This entertaining game is rated as one of the most challenging games in the gaming world because of its fast-paced gameplay. It will take you some time to practice before you master this melody game. However, the practice time is well worth it thanks to its engaging entertainment. Now, let's learn the details of this rhythm game together!

Friday Night Funkin' Basics

  • Developer: Newgrounds, Cameron Taylor
  • Release Date: October 5, 2020
  • Category: Music Video Games
  • Mode: 1 Player
  • Rates: 4.7/5

Although this video game was released in 2020, it has become a formidable competitor to other big games. In 3 years of establishment and development, this online game is always upgrading and giving players new experiences with new versions. However, the appeal of the original Friday Night Funkin' is still undeniable.

In particular, this music game becomes more accessible with versions on web browsers. On our website, it's an unblocked version of Friday Night Funkin'. Therefore, it brings the most convenience to the players. So, there's no reason why you shouldn't join this entertaining game right away!

Walkthroughs For This Video Music Game

How To Play

In the Friday Night Funkin' game, you will transform into the character Boyfriend. He wants to win the hearts of his Girlfriend and her dad by showing off his musical abilities. Please help him to show his ability.

This rhythm game takes place in a competitive manner. Your opponent is your Girlfriend's father. Music notes will appear continuously. You need to press the corresponding control keys to score points. With several wrong notes, the Friday Night Funkin' game will be over. The gameplay of this video game is extremely different.

There are 7 different Weeks with distinct music tracks. The final victory will belong to talented players who can conquer all these 7 weeks.

Lists Of 7 Weeks

  • Week 1: Bopeebo Fresh Dad Battle
  • Week 2: Spookeez South Monster
  • Week 3: Pico Philly Blammed
  • Week 4: Satin-Pants High MILF
  • Week 5: Cocoa Eggnog Winter-Horrorland
  • Week 6: Senpai Roses Thorns
  • Week 7: Ugh Guns Stress

Main Control Way And Some Additional Buttons

Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to play.

Besides, you can use some other extra control keys. For example, you can use the + and - keys to increase and decrease the volume. If you want to mute the sound, press 0 to activate the mute mode. Moreover, if you want to go back, press the ESC key. Finally, the ENTER key is used to select.

Some Tips For Friday Night Funkin'

  • When playing this fast-paced game, you need to react as fast as you can. Reflexes are the key to success in Friday Night Funkin'. If you miss too many notes, the game is over.
  • Besides, you should practice many times to get used to the speed of the game. Once you get used to that pace, all the challenges will be easy to overcome.
  • Finally, remember to watch the upcoming musical notes to prepare mentally and react in time for Friday Night Funkin'.

Let's apply these tricks to your playing process and you will see the benefits they bring to you.