Water Pipe

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Water Pipe is a puzzle game requiring you to change the directions of water pipes to create a complete pipe in 10 seconds. It's a challenge for many players. This online game has the same genre as Magical Jigsaw.

The 10-second Rule

This game not only challenges your intelligence but also tests your quickness. The reason is that you will have to do your task in only 10 seconds. This is a short amount of time for all players to complete a level. It is not to mention that the difficulty of the levels will increase day by day. So, what can you do to conquer this puzzle game? Let's see some tips below to have more playing strategies!

Tips For Water Pipe

You should start with the first pipes which are close to the water source. To explain this tip, we can mention two reasons. First, water will start appearing after 10 seconds from the source above. It then flows slowly down the tubes below. If 10 seconds is not enough for you, you can take advantage of the time the water moves to continue fixing the pipes below. Second, if you start from the first pipes, you will have a base where the source is connected. It is a fixed point. You just need to try to connect the water pipes reasonably to this fixed point.

In addition, in order to act faster, you need to play more and draw your own experience.