Magical Jigsaw

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Magical Jigsaw is an ideal game to experience jigsaw online. You can choose many target images and enjoy the rotating mode, a new mode for fans of Jigsaw. There are many other jigsaw games in the gaming world. However, you should select this version because it's possible for you to experience the magical mode, meaning the rotating mode. It will help the game become more exciting. Let's come to the next part to learn about this mode.

The Magical Mode For Jigsaw

In regular jigsaw games, you will arrange the puzzle pieces to form a complete image. This is also what happens in the regular mode of Magical Jigsaw. However, for the most realistic jigsaw simulation, this version offers a rotating mode to simulate the chaos of the puzzle pieces as you play the jigsaw in real life. The puzzle pieces will not be placed in the direction they should be. Instead, you need to rotate the puzzle pieces before you find the right place to place them. This is the outstanding mode you see when coming to this game.

In order to activate the magical mode, you need to select a jigsaw with two rotating arrows before starting the game.

How To Play

Choose jigsaw pieces to arrange their right positions to form a complete image. After finishing an image, you can pick up another to continue the game. In addition, the Magical Jigsaw game also provides you with some hints to play more easily.