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Are you a fan of Retro Bowl because of the American football gameplay? Come to the Touchdrawn game to experience American football in a new way! You only need to draw guide lines for your character to reach the touchdrawn. It is a unique gameplay for a sports game, especially a soccer game.

The Playing Field Of Touchdrawn

In the beginning, you will see a large playing field with your main character. Your character will stand at the beginning and the touchdrawn is at the end. In the middle of the playing field, there are obstacles or not. The first levels don't have many obstacles. However, after you progress to higher levels, you face many dangers on the playing field.

How To Gain Impressive Victory

The Way to Control Your Character

It is the same with lines of Rocket Punch Online. You also draw a line and your character will move following this guide. In order to draw, use your mouse and slide.

Playing Guides To Win Touchdrawn

While drawing, you must avoid obstacles. In particular, there are red characters. They are your enemies. If you run close to your opponents they can attack you. Therefore, the key principle is to avoid your enemies.