Retro Bowl

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Go back to the 1970s with the Retro Bowl!

Retro Bowl is an American football game where 22 players compete for a ball to score a goal. What is special is the retro graphics of this sports game. It will bring players new and interesting experiences.

Basic Information About This Video Sports Game

New Star Games is the developer of this simulation game. In January 2020, this video game is officially released on all platforms. Especially, players on web browsers have paid much attention to this game because they can enjoy this strategy game in an ideal way. You can experience this on our website.

This Retro Bowl game is designed for 1 player. Although there are many players on the field, you can only control one character in a team at a time. Besides, your opponent is AI, but you can install and set options for yourself and your opponent. Therefore, this entertaining game has diverse opponents.


How To Play Retro Bowl

The gameplay of this game is not difficult. You just need to follow the basic rules of American football.

Basic Rules For Sport Matches

Control the players on your team to throw the ball to the touch rise. Each time you hit this top spot, your team will win a point. The team that gets more points within the time limit wins. Matches will take place in different weeks. After completing Week 18, you can move on to professional leagues like AFC.

However, the goal is challenging to achieve.

Retro Bowl Challenges You Can Face

There are many players on the playing field. You will have to move the ball to avoid the players of the opposing team. It is not easy.

While moving the ball, you need to strategize for different situations. It's necessary to decide where to pass the ball and where to avoid it. You also need to think about what to do when the opposing team wins the ball. These strategies need to be formed during play. It is difficult because you do not have time to think. If you think too long, your opponent may have scored in that time.

How to Solve These Challenges

If you are a fan of Retro Bowl, it is not difficult to win because you have practiced and played this sport game many times. The tip for you is to practice. The more you play this Retro Bowl game, the better your skills will be and your reflexes will be faster. As a result, you can command your team in a better way.

However, before practicing, you should also know all the basic rules of the game to avoid mistakes. Besides, there are lines on the playing field. You should pay attention to it to know the position of your team and the opponent team.

Controls For Retro Bowl

  • Left-click then drag and aim a throw.
  • A, W, S, D to dodge and dive.
  • Click on the blue circle under the player to move up and down.

This control is simple. All ages can play this sport game.