Tiny Fishing

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If you want to explore the ocean like the Fish Eat Fish 3 Players game, you can visit Tiny Fishing to have new experiences. Tiny Fishing is an entertaining fish-catching game for single players. Come to this arcade game to catch as many fish as possible and upgrade your hook.

Type of Fish In Tiny Fishing

This entertainment game provides you with many different types of fish. Each fish has a different value. And of course, these fish will appear in different depths. The deeper you catch the fish, the more money you get.

How To Catch As Many Fish As Possible

Upgrade your hook

In the beginning, you have a fishing hook. It is similar to weapons in Shell Shockers to fight. However, this hook is the basic hook that only touches a certain degree and catches 3 fish at the same time. Use the earned money to upgrade the hook. As a result, you can catch more fish and reach deeper depths.

Use smart sentence techniques

While fishing, you also need to use techniques to catch the maximum number of fish. For example, constantly move your hook to the right and left to ensure effective fishing.

Understand how to control Tiny Fishing

It is easy to play this fishing game by sliding your mouse.