Fish Eat Fish 3 Players

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Fish Eat Fish 3 Players is a multiplayer fish-fighting game in which you need to compete with 2 other players to eat as many fish as possible. Note that you only eat smaller creatures than you. If you crash into bigger fish, your character will be killed and the game will be over. Eat and increase your size!

Various Choices For Players

The First Option For You

Your first choice is the save mode. There are 2 modes.

  • Online Save where you log in to save your play. You can continue your achievements on other devices if you sign in to your account. Besides, you don't need to worry because logging in to Fish Eat Fish 3 Players is very easy.
  • Local Save where you can only save your play on one device. The advantage of this mode is that you do not need to log in. However, it is not possible to play on other devices.

Other Options In Fish Eat Fish 3 Players

This multiplayer game also allows you to choose your character. Click to change the character and choose the color at the bottom.

How to Control When There are 3 Players

  • Player 1: ARROW KEYS
  • Player 2: WASD
  • Player 3: MOUSE

Now, start this online game to enjoy your free time!

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