Temple Run 2

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Following the endless running series, Temple Run 2 is the most anticipated game on our website in addition to Dinosaur Game.

Temple Run 2 is the second installment of the Temple Run series where you control your character to overcome obstacles and get the highest score possible. However, it is challenging to achieve admirable achievements in this adventure game because of the dangers and difficulties. Let's learn about them together to achieve the best results!


Introduction About This Singleplayer Game


Released on January 16, 2013, by Imangi Studios, Temple Run 2 quickly became the favorite game of many gamers. This video game uses Unity technology to be suitable for all platforms and easily accessible by players. In particular, the online version on web browsers always brings good reviews.

The Story Behind Temple Run 2

This running game is about the expedition of an archaeologist. He is young and brave. He is always ready to explore all over the world. However, this has put him in danger several times.

In Temple Run 2, he arrives at an ancient temple. Unfortunately, he was chased by the summoned beast guarding that temple. Can this brave archaeologist survive the danger?


After its release, this endless game was also upgraded many times to be suitable for all ages. Graphics and challenges are two elements that have been upgraded in a prominent way. After many upgrades, this 2013 game has had great graphics and has become the leading rival of Shell Shockers.

How To Play Temple Run 2

As you can know, you have to face the pursuit of a ferocious monster. Continuously run forward to protect yourself.

However, on your way, there are many obstacles such as logs or temple fragments. If you collide with these obstacles, the monster will catch you and the game will be over. Besides, deadly obstacles such as spiked wheels or fire can kill you instantly.

How To Beat Challenges

Use WASD or ARROW keys to overcome obstacles.

You can jump, slide, or move left or right. Flexible use of moves to run as far as possible in Temple Run 2.