Tasty Planet 2: Dinotime

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Tasty Planet 2: Dinotime is a unique game to experience the feeling of eating everything with Grey Goo. The trip will be interesting with this super ability.

In this online game, your main character is Grey Goo and you need to control Goo to complete the mission of each level. Goo is a new character that is more unique than the aliens in Pin the UFO.

Detecting Gray Goo In Tasty Planet 2: Dinotime

Gray Goo is no ordinary creature. Goo was born in a laboratory where an old scientist was working on new technologies. During a student visit to him, he discovered Gray Goo in the laboratory.

It turned out that Goo was the result of an accident while the Ph.D. was researching nanotechnology. Goo has the ability to eat everything smaller than it. While the doctor was busy with work, his students gave Goo candy. This was the beginning of Gray Goo's life.

Level And Tips To Play

Levels and tips to play are easy to spot in this Tasty Planet 2: Dinotime game. After understanding the plot, the game will allow you to choose the level through a simple diagram.

Simple Level Diagram

This level diagram is represented by a grid. Each level is represented by an image related to the events you will face. Mainly, you will see an overview of the objects you can eat at that level. The number of levels is enough for you to dispel all stress.

Tips For Tasty Planet 2: Dinotime

Let's come to a way to control Gray Goo. To control, you just need to use the arrow keys to let your character move in the direction you want. When Goo encounters any entities smaller than it, Goo will automatically eat it.

However, when playing, you need to avoid dangerous objects that are bigger than you. These objects can injure you. Therefore, before starting a level, the game will warn you about the biggest object you can eat. Don't cross that limit if you don't want Goo to get hurt.