Pin the UFO

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Pin the UFO gives you loads of aliens. Help these aliens run to their spaceship and back to their planet by removing pins and conquering 250 levels.

This online game brings you a new theme: aliens, paranormal, and space. The elements in this game are all influenced by the endless galaxy. In particular, the wonderful images of the universe will be combined with the puzzle gameplay. You can feel a more interesting experience. Don't hesitate any longer, hurry up and conquer this game now.

Pin the UFO All Levels

This puzzle game gives you a huge amount of levels as you can experience up to 250 different levels. This huge number of levels not only entertains players but also shows the developer's efforts.

Each level brings a new experience with non-stop creativity. You can easily see the increase in difficulty through each level. That's the variety that this Pin the UFO game gives you.

Guide to Conquer Puzzles

The first levels are quite easy to help you grasp the main principles and controls of the game. When playing, you need to free all the aliens by pulling out the pins. After the batteries are removed, the aliens can move. However, their destination is up to you to decide. You need to choose the batteries correctly to open up a safe path for them.