Tasty Planet

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Tasty Planet begins with the arrival of a new creature, Gray Goo who can eat everything smaller than himself. Get ready to control Goo and eat everything.

What Is Tasty Planet

This game is an entertaining game where you can eat what is available on it. Your dream of eating the whole world will come true when you join this unique game. The principle in the game is the same as in reality. Your character will also get bigger after eating objects. However, you do not need to worry because that is not where you are in reality. This is just a digital world.

Level Select

When entering this Tasty Planet game, you can see 10 levels available on the main screen. Each level has its own avatar.

Meaning Of Levels

Each level is a part of Gray Goo's life. Gray Goo will grow in stages with different sizes. Therefore, Goo's target audience will also be different. You can see that through the avatar of each level. The objects keep getting bigger and bigger with each image. Initially, you can only touch and eat the candies. After that, animals, cars, houses, and planets all appeared in Goo's line of sight. The bigger Goo, the wider his field of vision.

How to Pass Tasty Planet's Levels

To pass the levels, you need to understand the principles of Goo control first. Use the ARROW KEYS to move the Gray Goo towards the targeted objects. Upon arrival, Goo will automatically eat items within his absorption range. Once absorbed, your experience points will increase. When you have enough experience points, you can progress to new levels. Note that new levels are only unlocked after you complete the previous level.

There are some objects larger than you that can hurt you while others cannot. You should pay attention to this principle. After this online game, you can come to the second version, Tasty Planet 2: Dinotime.