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About Swingo

Are you ready to play Swingo in which you control your cute character and use a sticky hand to move and eat the giant pear? Let's play and conquer all levels in this online game!

Swingo Character

Your character is an adorable animal. It's difficult to guess what is this animal. However, players often call it a frog. Your character has a special ability. You own a stick hand. With LEFT-CLICK, your hand can lengthen and hold the target objects. It can let you remind to Infiltrate the Spaceship where you also can use a sticky hand to infiltrate the spaceship. Let's take advantage of this skill to move and get our goal!

All Levels

There are many different levels with various maps and territories. You have to face challenges on each map. Can you overcome and conquer this arcade game? Play and see how many levels can you finish.


You can play the Swingo game on our Shell Shockers website. It is easy to access.

Main Rules

Your mission is to eat the giant pear on the map. It can be placed in different places. Move to this target and absorb it! In some situations, you can not run to the pear at one time. You should move gradually by grasping other objects like walls or obstacles.