Infiltrate the Spaceship

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Are you ready to join the dangerous break-ins with Henry in Infiltrate the Spaceship? Take control of Henry and make your choices to infiltrate the spaceship!

This online game is a single-player game. You can experience various games of this genre on our website. For example, participating in G-Switch 3 to run in the parallel world will be an exciting experience. In addition, if you want to try multiplayer games, Shell Shockers is always available to access. Have a nice day!


What is Infiltrate the Spaceship

Infiltrate the Spaceship is a single-player arcade game in which you will control your Henry character to infiltrate the spaceship. Make your choices, join challenges, test your skills, and gain victory!

Story Description

There is a thief who has escaped from prison and is in a spaceship. Henry needs to infiltrate that spaceship to capture him. Help Henry and take on interesting challenges.

How To Play

This Infiltrate the Spaceship game allows you to choose one of the various choices. Each choice will bring you to a result. Select carefully and make sure that you can complete missions. For example, in the beginning, you have to pick the way you will infiltrate. There are 4 options: earpiece, cannonball, grapple gun, and sticky hand. Then, you will have more options after picking one of the 4 ways.