Stick Hero

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Definition Of Stick Hero

Stick Hero is a single-player adventure game to build bridges to help your stick hero move to the next place. Try to overcome as many objects as possible. This online game will bring you a great experience when you can play it anywhere and anytime. Just access our website where there are many exciting games such as Shell Shockers.

In addition, this adventure game is also considered an arcade game because it is a fascinating way to relax.

The Gameplay

In order to play this arcade game, you need to click and hold your mouse. When you click, a stick will be formed from your foot and it gets longer over time. If you want to stop lengthening, release your left mouse button. After that, this stick bridge will fall. It seems simple. However, you will feel that it is more challenging than Flappy Bird because it's difficult to use a suitable length of the stick.

There are 3 situations.

  • If your stick is too short, your stick hero will become a loser when falling into the space between 2 objects.
  • If the bridge is of the right length, you can safely move to the next objects.
  • If the stick bridge is too long, you will pass through the safe area and continue to fall into space.

Let's play and feel this Stick Hero game! Good luck!