Unicycle Hero

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Experience 10 sports in Unicycle Hero to get the highest score. In this online game, you can become a unicycle hero to participate in sports competitions.


Game Genre

This online game is for single players in which you can play alone to enjoy your free time. You don't need to compete with other players as in the gameplay of Shell Shockers. There are no competitions. Instead, you need to try your best to overcome your highest score to form a new achievement.

Controls Of Unicycle Hero

  • Use Arrow Keys to control your character.
  • Press the Spacebar to throw.

It's easy to control but challenging to master because your character is difficult to keep balance. He uses a one-wheel vehicle.

How To Play Unicycle Hero

There are 10 sports corresponding to 10 items. The number of sports is more than Penalty Kick Online. You need to throw these items as far as possible to get the highest score while driving the special vehicle with one wheel. It's not easy to guide. Note that the game will end immediately if your character touches the ground. Let's throw items before this happens.

All sports are available. You can choose any sport to play and test your skills!