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Welcome to our next multiplayer game, Hole.io!

After the success of Shell Shockers, our website is determined to bring players more exciting io games. Now, you can a new competitive game. Although this action game does not use weapons to fight like Shell Shockers, it gives you intense battles in a unique way.

Intense Battles In Hole.io

In this arcade game, you will participate in multiplayer matches to compete for the first position on the leaderboard.

In the beginning, you will transform into a small hole. In order to become bigger, you need to eat other objects. As a result, the size of your hole will increase. However, you can only eat objects that are smaller than your hole. Likewise, it is possible to destroy and absorb players who are smaller than you. If you face stronger players, stay away from them. These opponents can kill you immediately.

There are many players in each match. Therefore, the matches will be very dramatic because all the players want to win the top rank.

More Information For You

Basic Info

Hole.io is released in 2018 by Voodoo on platforms like Android or iOS. It is similar to Happy Wheels. However, thanks to upgrades and developments, this single-player game is now available on web browsers. It has always been very appreciated on platforms thanks to its attractive and addictive gameplay.

Various Modes and Shins

There are 4 modes in Hole.io.

  • Classic modes: Get the best score in 2 minutes.
  • Battle Royale mode: Be the last hole.
  • Teams mode: Team vs. team.
  • Solo Run mode: Eat 100% of the map in 2 minutes.

Team and Solo Run modes are 2 new modes. You can try all these modes for free without an order. Besides, you can also unlock a lot of different skins in Hole.io.