Papa's Sushiria

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Celebrate 10 years of the Papa's series with Papa's Sushiria! In this new game, you operate a sushi restaurant. Are you confident with your cooking abilities?

Challenge Your Cooking And Management With Papa's Series

Papa's game series may be familiar to a lot of players. There are many different versions. In particular, for this anniversary, a sushi version was released with a Japanese theme. This is an interesting topic as Japanese culture is increasingly popular.

When it comes to this entertaining game, your cooking and management skills will be challenged. How to serve all those customers in the fastest way? How to make delicious sushi? All of this work is done by you. After playing this cooking game, you can try other games like Subway Surfers.

Start Playing Papa's Sushiria

Choose Your Character

There are 3 options for you. You can choose from Matt, Clover, or create a custom worker.

Operate Papa's Sushiria

Papa's sushi shop has 4 main counters: Order Station, Cook Station, Build Station, and Tea Station.

  • Order Station is where you take customer orders and write notes.
  • Cook Station allows you to cook rice. Remember to add olive oil to the rice and drag the nori on the bamboo mat while waiting for the rice.
  • Continue with the Build Station to add toppings and decorations for the sushi. You also need to cut the sushi into bite-sized pieces.
  • Before serving customers, remember to make tea as requested at Tea Station.