Subway Surfers

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Jack's legendary races officially begin with Subway Surfers!

Have you played this endless running game yet? This running game is one of the legendary running games for enthusiasts of online games. It is also one of my favorite mobile games. Now, don't hesitate and start this video game now to enjoy the amazing experience!

Walkthroughs For This Infinity Game

Get The Highest Score In Endless Races

Control Jack in Subway Surfers to overcome dangerous obstacles and avoid the pursuit of the police and his dog.

However, it's not easy because there are many obstacles on your way. For example, you might face moving vehicles or roadblocks. When facing these dangers, you need to use your control skills to avoid collisions. Don't collide or this running game will end.

An important mission is to try to run as far as possible and get the best score.

4 Main Moving Ways in Subway Surfers

  • Move right and move left: These ways are two simple ways of moving. You just need to use the LEFT & RIGHT ARROW keys to move in the direction you want. When traveling this way, pay attention to the lane you are coming in. Are there obstacles in the target lane? Avoiding lanes with obstacles is the most important thing when you use these moves.
  • Jump: Jack's jumping ability is unquestionable in this Subway Surfers game. Jack can jump over obstacles at low and medium heights using the UP ARROW key. Besides, when you run on top of vehicles, you can also jump from one vehicle to another.
  • Slide: Get through obstacles that are too high to jump and have space at the bottom. You cannot jump over these obstacles. In this case, sliding through obstacles is optimal. In order to slide, use the DOWN ARROW key.

During the run, you should combine the moving ways together to overcome the barriers in the most effective way. Besides, you can also have other ways of moving based on bonus items. There are various items on your way. You can collect them and use special abilities like flying or jumping. In addition, remember to gather gold coins to buy new items for your character and improve your running abilities.

Note that you can use your skateboard to move. This running game will become more exciting in this situation thanks to wonderful graphics and art animations. Let's try and enjoy it!

The Latest News About Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is developed by SYBO and Kiloo. After its debut on May 23, 2012, there are many upgrades with significant changes for this running game.

With the endless runner genre, this game attracts the attention of players as well as other game developers. Recently, there is information that Subway Surfers is built on Unreal Engine 5 technology. The original technology of this entertaining game is Unity. Why is this information available? TeaserPlay, a famous video game creator released a video about a remake of Subway Surfers with Unreal Engine 5 graphics with vivid and realistic images. The gaming community was extremely overwhelmed by these images. Besides, hope for remake versions is also gradually rising.

Information about this single-player game will certainly be continuously updated on our Shell Shockers website. Now, it's time to experience this running game!