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About MiniGiants.io

Like Shell Shockers, MiniGiants.io is a multiplayer action game. Let's join in this fighting game to eliminate other players, open treasure chests, and win wars. This online game has eye-catching graphics and great effects, so you can immerse in this arcade game to enjoy your free time. You will see a 3D world and live in your favorite way.


How To Kill Your Enemies

Use your weapons to exterminate your opponents. They will die immediately after your weapon touches them. However, there are many opponents of different sizes. Their weapons also can be big or small. If they are big, it will be challenging for you to kill your rivals. In this case, you should collect dots on your map to increase the size of your character and weapon first. After that, you can defeat other players easier.

How To Open Chests In MiniGiants.io

There are many treasure chests in this action game. You can loot them in the playing process or unlock them after conquering achievements. Try to get these precious awards and upgrade the character that you can not see in Dudeball.

How To Control

  • Slide your mouse to direct your mini-giants.
  • Click the left mouse button to attack.