Magic Cat Academy 2

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Magic Cat Academy 2 takes place in an underwater battle between a small cat and ghosts. Faced with the second war, you must use your drawing ability to fight.

About Magic Cat Academy 2

If you are a fan of this action series, version 1, Magic Cat Academy will be familiar to you. The first version takes you into battle with the ghosts at the magic academy. On the contrary, the second version will lead you to the bottom of the vast ocean.

Why this second war? The ghosts have moved to this area after they were kicked out of the magic academy by you. As a brave and loyal cat, the cat will continue to fight in the new version to chase them out of the peaceful ocean. Let's accompany the little cat!

How To Fight In This Second Version

The main character is still a small cat with the ability to use magic. You can control this character to draw symbols corresponding to the symbols on the heads of the ghosts. However, the 2nd version requires you to draw in a left-to-right sequence for ghosts with multiple symbols. The way to draw and destroy the ghosts with a single symbol is similar to version 1. You just need to use the mouse to move and draw as you like.