Magic Cat Academy

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Magic Cat Academy takes you to the magic academy with the adorable cat. However, the battle between the cat and the ghosts begins in this online game.

Have you ever taken a magic class? The little cat joined many other littermates. However, while everyone was engrossed in their studies, ghosts came and affected everyone's learning. Help the cat chase away all these ghosts and study in peace.

Learn About Battle In Magic Cat Academy

Because your cat has been learning magic for a while, fighting ghosts is pretty easy as well. You just need to draw symbols like symbols on the heads of the ghosts. These symbols are their weak point. Drawing symbols will destroy your opponents.

The number of ghosts is a lot and they do not stop coming to attack your character. In particular, the opponent will approach you from any direction. Therefore, you will have to defend everywhere.

How To Eliminate Ghosts

To draw symbols, you just need to use your mouse to draw on the screen. Ghosts with similar symbols will be removed. Besides, you should pay attention to the number of symbols. Some ghosts have multiple markings on their bodies, so they also require more drawing.

During the battle, this online game will give you 5 lives to fight. After these 5 chances, the game is over.