Learn To Fly 2

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Learn To Fly 2 is the sequel to the Learn To Fly game series. Coming to this game, the penguin's determination to learn to fly is increasing. Let's help him!

Welcome To Learn To Fly 2

In the first part, the penguin in Antarctica tried his best to learn how to fly. However, an accident occurred that caused him to be hospitalized. Despite receiving encouragement from the people around him, he is still angry and searches the internet about his accident. Angered by his accident report, he immediately returned home to plan his second flight course.

Staying up all night to plan, the penguin invents a suit of armor that helps him resist any collision. This armor also gives the penguin new abilities. Let's find out about the new adventure of the penguin right now!

Guide play

The penguin's way of learning to fly is quite similar to the first version.

How to Control Learn To Fly 2

The penguin will start from a snow slope and slide into the water to learn to fly. At the end of this snowy slope, start using the left and right arrow keys to navigate the flight. In particular, with homemade armor, the penguin can destroy the obstacles ahead and continue the race.

Shop And Upgrades

This second part gives you more upgrades and features. When you reach the Shop section, you can upgrade ramp length and ramp height as well as buy items. Featured items are sleigh, glider, boost, and payload. If you've played the first version, you can see the number of items has increased.

Besides, this Learn To Fly 2 game also provides additional challenges, medals, and bonuses for the players.