Learn To Fly

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Learn To Fly is a penguin-theme game developed by Light Bringer. Help the penguin to learn how to fly, the suspected ability of the penguins.

This online game has a unique idea based on interesting facts in our lives. No one expected that the penguins would learn to fly because of the bad words in the newspaper.

Why Learn To Fly Course Start

At one place in Antarctica, a penguin looks up wonderful penguin articles. However, he suddenly reads something not very encouraging: penguins can't fly. Angered by this information, this penguin decided to learn to fly to erase all bad information about himself. As a result, this exciting game officially begins.

Information About This Flight Course

The following information is important for you to learn about the game and how to help you fly higher and farther.

Learn To Fly's Flying Guide

The penguin will come from the top of the snow slope. Then, he will slide down to gain the power to fly. Wait until you reach the end of the slope. That's when you start your support for the penguin. Use the right and left arrow keys to adjust your angle and create the perfect flight path.

In particular, when you reach the water with your belly, you can jump up and continue to fly again. However, this only happens when you move fast enough.

Flight Results

After each flight, you will receive your results with 3 factors: fight distance, max altitude, and fight duration. These factors will be summed up and give you a certain amount of money. You can use this money to buy upgrades like ramp height, acceleration, and resistance. You can also buy gliders or rockets for the penguin to aid his flight.