G-Switch 3

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Say goodbye to horror games like Five Nights at Freddy's and Five Nights At Freddy's 2 after you play these games for a long time and come to a new running game, G-Switch 3! This online game will bring you races between 2 platforms in a parallel world. Are you ready to join this running game?

Unique World Of G-Switch 3

Welcome to the gaming world in the G-Switch 3 game in which you can run on parallel tracks. In this arcade game, you will run on one of 2 parallel platforms. These platforms can be split into different segments. In particular, they can break anywhere.

Moreover, you will see the special in your character. Your character can be divided into 2 characters and start running in 2 different paths. You need to control them at the same time. It's challenging but it's also fun.

How To Conquer This Running World

Choose The Suitable Mode

There are 3 game modes.

  • Level: Run to the destination to complete a level. There are many levels for you.
  • Endless: Try to get the highest score by running as far as possible.
  • Multiplayer: Invite your friend and compete on the same map. It is similar to Shell Shockers.

Each mode has unique features that create the special. Let's choose your favorite mode and learn about its rules before starting official races.

Avoid All Challenging Obstacles

On platforms, blocks or barriers are placed randomly. Use fast reflexes and avoid colliding with them by jumping from one platform to another. In addition, you will see some lasers. However, don't worry because they can not hurt your character.