Impostor Royal Solo Kill

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Impostor Royal Solo Kill is inspired by Among Us, but there are many differences. Joining this game, you will be an imposter to kill 11 other players to win. It's a simple mission, but hard to gain. Can you complete this task and become the top player on the leaderboard of each round? You only can show it after playing this online game.

How To Gain Victory

Impostor Royal Solo Kill requires you and 11 other imposters to participate in the same map to compete. There are many weapons, protecting items, and power-ups dropping from the sky. You can take them. However, let's act as quickly as possible because these items are limited and your enemies also want to take them. In addition, you will not have abilities to attack others if you can not collect items. Therefore, looting objects from the sky is important, and remember to use these items properly to kill your opponents.

You will gain victory if you become the last surviving player on the map. In addition to the number of your kills, the game also records your kill speed after each round. You can check these statistics to improve your result in the next matches.

Other Elements In Impostor Royal Solo Kill

Because of the solo gameplay, you will fight alone to beat other imposters. In order to get your goal, let's master the way to attack. If you want to move, let's slide your mouse and release it to drag. If your imposter has any weapons, you can eliminate your rivals automatically.

In addition, you can unlock random outfits for your character by collecting coins.