Getting Over It

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See you at the end of Getting Over It!

Can you conquer this challenging game to reach the finish line and become the winner? We will be waiting for you at the finish line. Now, start your journey to conquering victory.

About Getting Over It

Unique Moves Of Getting Over It

This game has simple but attractive gameplay. Your main character is a cat. You need to move this cat over the obstacles. However, the way to move is not the same as the normal way. Your cat is stuck in a pot. You can only use your hammer to move. Use the hammer to hook into other objects and gain bouncing power to move forward. This strange way of moving has created the uniqueness of this running Getting Over It game. In the beginning, you may find it hard to play. However, it will become easier after playing it for a while.

How to control: Use your mouse to control.

You can't see this move in any other game. For example, you can move blocks in Tetris easily with the arrow keys. You can also do the same with your character in Doodle Jump. However, Getting Over It is not possible. Start this adventure game now and enjoy it!

Tips For You

An important factor is the length of your character's hammer and arm. You should take advantage of this length in cases where you have to face high cliffs.

Besides, you should also pay attention to the place to put the hammer. You should place the hammer in a stable position. It will help you avoid falling during the move.

More Information For You

  • Developer: Bennett Foddy
  • Release Date: October 2017

The Getting Over It game is famous on a lot of different platforms. You can play it on our website for free. It is convenient and comfortable with our full-screen mode.

However, the Getting Over It game is a single-player video game. You cannot compete with other players in intense Shell Shockers battles.