Doodle Jump

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Are you ready to participate in thrilling adventures with Doodle Jump?

Doodle Jump is an exciting platform-jumping adventure game for single players. Come to this arcade game to control your character and overcome as many platforms as possible. It is easy to control but hard to master. Why? Let's read the below information and start this jumping game to find out the answer!

The Gameplay of Doodle Jump

This entertaining game has simple mechanics that are completely different from the gameplay of Pacman. You only need to guide your character to jump from one platform to another platform while avoiding falling. If you fall, the Doodle Jump game will end. Therefore, try your best to run as long as possible. The further you go the more points you get.

However, it is not easy to achieve this goal. There are many platforms placed in various positions. You may fall while jumping from platform to platform because of the long distance. As a result, you should calculate your next move before deciding to move. In addition, you should also remember broken platforms. They will be destroyed as soon as you touch them. Careful! To identify these backgrounds, look at their colors. They are brown.

How to play: Use the Left and Right arrow keys to control your character. This control way is quite simpler than Doodle Champion Island Games with 4 joysticks.

Items Of This Jumping Game

Jumping Springs

Doodle Jump gives you jumping springs to jump higher. It helps you jump across multiple platforms at once. You can see them frequently appearing on different platforms.

Propellers In Doodle Jump

There are useful and interesting items in this game. You can use the fan to fly across multiple platforms at once. However, this item is rare. It doesn't often appear in Doodle Jump.