Geometry Dash Meltdown

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0% or 100% in Geometry Dash Meltdown?

Welcome to the new game of the Geometry Dash series! This version is called Geometry Dash Meltdown. Why is this version named like that? It simply gives you the challenge at the Meltdown roads. These roads are completely different from the roads in other versions like Geometry Dash Lite. The number of this version is less. However, the number of challenges is not inferior to any other version.

How Many Levels In Geometry Dash Meltdown

The Meltdown version has 3 levels. Each level will give players different challenges. You can distinguish the difficulty of the levels based on the number of stars each level gives you.

  • The Seven Seas: Level 1 Star
  • Viking Arena: Level 2 Stars
  • Airborne Robots: Level 3 Stars

Besides, this running game will soon have new levels. Let's conquer these 3 levels before there are new levels!

How To Play

Control your character to jump over all obstacles while using booster items. You also need flexibility between the different characters of this game.

Note that you can choose skins for your character. The number of skins is extremely large.

How to control: Use the UP ARROW keys or SPACEBAR to play. The LEFT-CLICK is also able to control your character.

Game Modes

Each level will have 2 modes: Normal Mode and Practice Mode. After each of these modes is played, the game will calculate your success with Geometry Dash Meltdown based on the percentage of the route you complete. Run until you reach 100% of each mode.

In addition, each mode is provided with a different goal. The Practice Mode is used to practice, improve your skills, and get you used to the level. In Normal Mode, you'll start running on the official paths of Geometry Dash Meltdown.

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