Geometry Dash Lite

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Jump with your character in Geometry Dash Lite for thrilling journeys!

The online game is one of the notable versions of the Geometry Dash series. Although this session comes after a number of other versions, it is still very popular due to its interesting features and maps. Besides, 3D graphics is also a plus point of this game. Let's learn about this Geometry Dash game together!

What Is Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry Dash Lite is the free lite version of Geometry Dash. The game is designed to support the original version. At the same time, this lite edition is also an upgraded version to bring novelty to the players.

Comparison Between Geometry Dash Lite And Geometry Dash


The gameplay between these two running games is the same. Your mission is to control your character to overcome deadly obstacles. These obstacles are located in various locations. Jump at the right time to reach your first goal.

Besides, the character system between these two online games is also the same. There are 7 minifigures: Cube, Ball, Ship, UFO, Wave, Spider, and Robot. These characters will appear after going through a portal. Note that each character has a unique moving way.

Differences Of Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry Dash Lite has more levels than Geometry Dash. With 15 different levels, this Lite version will give you great experiences with different races. The level of each level will increase. You can track the difficulty of a level based on the number of stars in the upper right corner. The larger the number of stars, the harder the level is.

Besides, this game also provides a huge number of skins for all players. Especially, all skins are free. You can also design and color your character. This is a special feature of Geometry Dash Lite.