Duck Life 2

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About Duck Life 2

Enter your name before starting Duck Life 2! This is the first thing you see after coming to this second version. It is also one of the changes from the first version, Duck Life. Let's type your name and begin the thrilling adventures of your duck!

In the second version, your duck has advanced to a new land where there is a duck king. If you can become the racing champion, you will get the crown. It was a great honor. Help your duck achieve this goal.

Compare Duck Life 2 and Duck Life

Similarities Between 2 Versions

Both versions are offered to Race and Train players. Train mode allows you to practice the basic skills of your character before officially advancing to the races. Race mode will still test your skills. You will have to apply many skills at the same time to overcome obstacles.

In addition, the energy source in the races is limited. You need to feed your duck to increase its ability in official races.

The Difference Of Duck Life 2

First, you will not go to the Shop section to buy seeds and food for your duck. Instead, you can click to dispense on the main screen. It has 2 types of food. Yellow is 1 coin and purple is 15 coins.

Secondly, the second version has an additional training: Climbing Train. This is the training part that was not included in the first version. Therefore, you can experience new challenges in this new version.

Finally, the official races are no longer divided into levels. Instead, you can choose from one of the maps.

  • Scotland
  • England
  • Egypt
  • Hawaii
  • Japan

Except for Scotland, all other maps need to be unlocked. This Duck Life 2 game will divide you into different ranks based on your achievements.

Once you've mastered all of this info, you can officially begin your journey. Be sure to keep an eye on the Stats table for your achievements!