Element Balls

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The number of participants in driving games like Happy Superman is a lot. Recognizing this trend, our website will provide players with more topic-related games. One of the latest games, Element Balls will be released with you today. Start and experience it right now!

What is Element Balls

Unlike Shell Shockers, Element Balls is a single-player running game. How many levels can you overcome while controlling your ball to avoid elements of other colors? You only can know this when you try this arcade game.


Element Balls and Obstacles

On your way, there are many elements with many different colors. You must distinguish two main colors: the color of your ball and other colors. Remember that the elements of the same color as your ball are safe.

Tips To Overcome As Many Elements As Possible

As you can know, there are many elements with many other colors. Therefore, you need to have different ways of moving through this obstacle.

  • Elements of the same color as your ball is safe and you can crash into these barriers. However, they are not destroyed. You can only push them out of your way and find ways to move.
  • The obstacles that are different from your ball are dangerous. If you collide with them, the game will end.

Note that dangerous has many different shapes. However, that is not important. The only thing you need to consider is their color of them. In particular, there are diamond-shaped blocks. Do not collect them. They are not bonuses.

How to Control: Slide your mouse to move.