Happy Superman

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About Happy Superman

Go and start thrilling races in Happy Superman! Happy Superman is a multiplayer racing game where you compete with other racers to reach the finish line first. It is not easy because there are many obstacles on your way. In order to defeat your enemies, it all depends on your driving skills and abilities. Now, it's time to see if you can become a champion in this driving game.

Races With Special Skills

Introduction Happy Superman's Races

This driving game race has many outstanding features.

  • First, you will compete with other drivers. It is the same way you compete with other gunners in Shell Shockers. This gameplay helps you become more excited.
  • Second, there are many obstacles on your way. For example, you must avoid collisions with other vehicles and barriers. If you crash with them, you will be reduced.
  • Third, collecting coins is an interesting task to buy and unlock many other items. Remember to collect as many coins as possible. Besides, if you are passionate about collecting and managing games, you should try Monkey Mart.
  • Finally, there are decreased or increased speed bars. You should go into accelerated bars to move faster.

Specail Skills For Each Racer

Each player has special abilities such as bombing other players or turning into a robot at high speed.